The color profile is always set to v2.3 - Frontier

The color profile is always set to v2.3 - Frontier. I did not set the color model to Frontier. The color profile should be v2.3 whether the color model is Noritsu or Frontier.Is there any way to solve this problem? I am using the MacBook Air M1, and Adobe is the latest version because I subscribe.

Everything you’ve described is working correctly…

The 2.3 profile version is the latest version of profiles. There generally isn’t a need to change anything about the underlying RAW Camera Profiles (.dcp files) when a new version comes out. So it will remain 2.3 unless I find other improvements I want to make to the profile.

The “Frontier” part comes from the HSL or “LUT” setting you have. By default, this will be set to “Frontier” (I just call it “Lab” in the latest version). For instance, if you set this to “none”, it will just show the profile as “Negative Lab v2.3.”

These settings are different than the “Color Model” settings on the “Convert” tab. The “Color Model” settings are changing some of the underlying color space assumptions.

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Thank you for letting me know that HSL’s Lab is v2.3 - Frontier, this is the default setting, and the Convert Tab setting and color model are different. v2.3 - Frontier was just a name. My confusion is over. I saw the profile change to v2.3 when I set None, but Natural is v2.3 - ‘Natural’, Crystal is v2.3 - ‘Crystal’, and Pakon is v2.3 - ‘Pakon’. I was confused. When I set it to Lab, it seemed to be v2.3 - ‘Lab’. But because the name was v2.3 - Frontier, I mistook ‘Where is Noritsu?’. Labs in the country where I live also use Noritsu and Frontier, and Noritsu is the mainstream, I’m used to this reality, I’m overly connected to real life. Thank you again.