Profile says V2.3 instead of V2.4

Hi all,
NLP is running fine (looks fine to me), but when I am in LRCC the profile in the Develop Module & beneath the Navigator window says V2.3-Frontier. I have V2.4 installed.

I am using an old Canon 5D Mark II for scanning and I’m on an IMAC - Studio.

Maybe it’s not an issue & doesn’t really matter, but I would prefer to see V2.4.

Knowing that the profile version isn’t important to see as long as I have the correct version installed would put my mind at ease.
Any help would be appreciated.

Profile version numbers are only loosely related to NLP version numbers. Only the real part of the number is important, if at all. NLP will pick the suitable profile…as long as it is in the expected place.

Short version: No worries!

Good to know. Thank you!

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