Profile still shows 2.1 not 2.2


Is it normal for the Profile name on the right side developer tab to still show Neg Lab v2.1 rather than 2.2 even though the actual Neg Lab pro pop up window says v2.2?

If not how can I change that as I don’t see the option form the drop down menu.


I have the same thing in LR classic. im guessing its ok, but would be nice to have a confirmation…

I was wondering the same thing. Maybe Nate can chime in and put this mystery to rest.


This is the correct behavior. I only increment profile versions when there is a specific purpose to do so, and so not all new releases will come with updated profiles.

As of version 2.2 of Negative Lab Pro, the camera profiles should be:

  • DSLR Scans → “Negative Lab v2.0” Profile
  • Vuescan/Silverfast RAW Scans → “Negative Lab v2.1” Profile
  • Tiff or JPEG scans → will NOT have a special profile associated with them (the profiles are only for RAW).

Hope that helps!