Still on 2.0 Profile

I am scanning with an Fuji X-T30 and i only have the 2.0 profile in Lightroom (I am on NLP version 2.1.2).

Is this normal ? I saw that some people are using the 2.1 profile but i cant find it…

Some people also seem to select the profile manunally before converting. Is this necessary ? For me LR allways seems to apply the profile automatically.

Thanks fpr your help !

The profile version will vary by scan method, and is not necessarily the same as the NLP version…

As of writing this, v2.0 is the latest profile version for camera scanning. And v2.1 is the latest version for Vuescan/Silverfast scans.

So if you’re seeing “Negative Lab v2.0” as the profile version with your Fuji X-T30, it is all working exactly as it should.

If it is all set up correctly, Negative Lab Pro will updating the profile for you when you first open it on a scan - no need to do it manually.


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