Proper Workflow When Compressing DNGs

For the past few days I have been experimenting with compressing and resizing the massive DNGs that Vuescan makes using Lightroom. The increase speed when editing as well as the decrease in file size has been awesome! However, I am unsure what the proper workflow is when using NLP in this way.

Do I run the Vuescan DNG prep tool during the initial import before compressing? After? Both? NLP does not recognize the compressed negatives as Vuescan DNGs.

What source do I select when converting the negative? Camera or Vuescan DNG?

I have played around with these different options, and do notice differences between them, however cant decide which method is more “right”.

Thank you so much for the help!

You can chose the options that give you the results you like best. Only you know what you like best.

Other than that, you can stick to this: Guide | Negative Lab Pro