Reprostation with flash

Negative diareprostation with flash light and negative holder 120 and 135 negative supply (Valoi also possible) for friends of analogue/digital photography. Fast shutter speeds, no color or blurring problems. Conversion software Negative Lab Pro ( :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:), tethering with Capture one.


Very interesting, I’d not seen one of those Godox AD100 flash units before. It looks like you’ve adapted a Durst B&W enlarger (6x9?) so presumably the flash just fires into the same mirrored mixing chamber perhaps with some extra diffusion. The specification says that it has manual settings from 1/256 to full power in 1/3 or 1/10 stop intervals which sounds great. Is the 1.8W LED modelling light bright enough for focusing?

You could also post this in the 'Let’s see your DSLR scanning setup thread:

Only the tripod is DURST, the reproduction station is a converted Homrich 4x5’ reproduction station. Mixing chamber: white Styrofoam.
Modeling light is sufficient.
Flash setting approximately KB: f10 approx. 1/16 power; 120: f10 1/4, Exposure: ASA 100, film layer at +2EV.
The Godox AD200pro with round head can also be used for more performance (advantage of higher modeling light and flash output).

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Thanks, that’s a nice setup. The base housing wouldn’t be too difficult to make in fact so it’s very practical.