Reset Activations?

Hey folks,

Does anyone know how long it takes for Nate to reset activations? I am trying to scan, but can’t activate NLP on my new desktop or laptop, I’ve sent three emails prior to today (starting five days ago), but have not heard back.

I see his previous responses are to email him, but I have yet to get a reply.

Would like to suggest an activation reset be implemented somewhere we have to login so we can remove old devices ourselves.

Disregard, I got it sorted out. Originally googled for activation reset and it pulled me to older threads where Nate said to email, but recently found a new comment from Nate that stated:

" Are you on v3?

If so, the good news is that you can remotely deactivate an old or unused computer using this link:

Just enter the email address associated with your purchase, and it should let you see any order information associated with your order, including any previous license activations you made. Just click “deactivate” and it will remotely remove that activation from the old computer."