PC reset, didn't deactivate the licence – nobody is answering my emails

Hello there,
A good two weeks ago I reinstalled my PC and forgot to deactivate the NegativeLabPro license. After three unanswered mails, I am now writing in the forum because I don’t know what to do?
Has anyone ever had a similar problem?

Hi @nogoodphoto,

I don’t see any emails from your address, so it might have gotten caught up in spam. Sorry about that!

Are you on v3?

If so, the good news is that you can remotely deactivate an old or unused computer using this link:

Just enter the email address associated with your purchase, and it should let you see any order information associated with your order, including any previous license activations you made. Just click “deactivate” and it will remotely remove that activation from the old computer.

If you are still on v2, it should be OK unless you receive a specific notice that your license is out of uses.

Hello! Thank you so much.
I sent you an email through another email adress and didn’t get a response for some time for that reason I was worried.
I was now able to deactivate one of my licenses. I had seen this page before but I am sure that last time there wasn’t the option to press ‘deactivate’
Now everything should be fine again!