Can't find your license key for Negative Lab Pro? Here's what to do

If you’ve purchased Negative Lab Pro and you can’t find your license key / serial number, there are few places that you should be able to find it.


Your license key is emailed to you when you purchase Negative Lab Pro. The subject like will be “You got Negative Lab Pro for Lightroom.” Your license key is inside that email. It will come from the address:

It will look like something like this:

"I can’t find the email"
If you don’t see it in your inbox, it is possible that it has been moved to spam by your email service. Your best bet is to use the search feature of your mail provider, and either search all messages for the subject “You got Negative Lab Pro” or search for emails from the sender address:

"I searched for it and I still can’t find it"
Is it possible you used a different email address for the purchase than your primary email address? This is the most common issue. Many people have multiple email addresses and forget that they used a different email address for purchasing Negative Lab Pro than they may have used when downloading the trial version.

"I purchased by directly sending PayPal funds (not through the Negative Lab Pro website). Will I still get this email receipt?"
Yes, you will still get this receipt. If you used the direct paypal link to transfer funds, I still process it manually and you will get a receipt. Just allow 1-2 business days (it’s usually much faster).

I’ve looked in ALL the email addresses I use and I still can’t find it…"
If you’ve search all your possible email accounts and searched specifically for the subject line “You got Negative Lab Pro” and/or the email sender “”, and still can’t find it, then try the next solution.

2. Contact Gumroad Support

The purchasing and licensing system I use is managed by a platform called Gumroad. If you have trouble locating your receipt or your license, they are the ones who can help sort it out.

Info: Tell them you need your receipt with license info for your purchase of Negative Lab Pro. Also provide the email address you used for purchase (if it is different from the email address you use to send them a message).

They should be able to get you the information you need.

Once you’ve recovered your license key, I strongly recommend keeping it in a safe place (Evernote, Bear, 1Password, etc) so it is easy to find in the future if you need it when changing machines or reinstalling systems.