Lost serial number

Hi Nate,

I bought the program in November 2019. My computer since died and I can’t find a copy of my serial number anywhere. I’ve got the PayPal email as a proof of purchase though.


Hi @norbi!

Really sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I try to get back to everyone personally, but sometimes things get lost in the shuffle! This article should help you locate your serial number:

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All my different email addresses was definitely a part of the problem, I downloaded bought and registered with 3 different emails (idiot right?)

Still looks like I had accidentally deleted a bunch of emails from a few months block in 2019 for some reason… (actually lost some important stuff there). Anyway, gumroad where hella fast and replied with my serial number in less than 5 minutes!

Thanks for the help.

Hi Nate,

How long do Gumroad Support usually take to respond? I accidentally cleared out my license email which I purchase way back in 2020. After a long hiatus I really want to get back into scanning but haven’t had a response from them.

Best regards



They typically get back within 1 business day… sometimes much sooner, just depending on if you reach out to them during business hours.

It looks like you were able to find your original receipt email with the license, but I will PM it to you again just in case!


Hi Nate,

Thanks so much. I may have jumped the gun a bit as they’d got back to me just before you did.

Can’t wait to dive back in!

Hoping to get a my license re-sent to me since I’ve misplaced it. It’s been almost 2 years since I owned the laptop that had used this software, so I’ve had some trouble finding my license key in my e-mails. I’ve only managed to find my PayPal receipt from the transaction. I hope they get back to me for my license. It’s already been 24hours, but hopefully the turnaround time is quick!