License Key issues for v3

I recently upgraded computers (from a 2014 MacBook Pro to a 2023 MacBook Pro) and I’m having trouble adding my NLP license key to my new computer’s version of Lightroom.

I purchased NLP 2.4.2 in June 2023. After that, while still on my old computer, I upgraded to NLP v3 with no problem.

I have now deauthorized NLP from the old computer but when I add the license key (cut & pasted from the confirmation email) to the new computer’s Lightroom, “activate” is grayed out and the license key is red.

I can’t tell what I’m doing wrong here.


If the license key is red, it means that it is not the proper license format for the version (there is a difference between the formatting of the v2 licenses and the v3 licenses).

So, if you have v3 on the new computer, make sure you are using the v3 license (not the v2 license).

If you need help with a specific license, please email me at and I can look into this more for with you.


I’m also having issues with the activation limit for my key, what details should we send you in the email?

I reset the settings on LR and am having the activation limit message as well. I’ve emailed @nate twice and haven’t received a response yet. I’m hoping he will see this message!

Hey all,

Check this topic by Nate: Can't find your license key for Negative Lab Pro? Here's what to do

Had similar issue and this solved it. Cheers!