Same scan, Same setting, Different result?

HELP needed :joy:

I was recently migrating from Windows to Mac, however when I was testing a same scan on Mac OS which I had converted on my Windows system, it has an unpleasant magenta cast with exactly same setting. And then tried some other scans, similar kinda result on macOS. I am confused…

For the matter of being scientific(:joy:), I eliminated some possible contributing factors:

  • the white balance of scan perparation is the same
  • I synced the Windows photo to my MacBook to make sure its not because of screen

They are still different…

sorry only one picture allowed per post. first one is on Mac OS, second is windows.
the color is so different, and apparently the second one is so much better, PLEASE HELP!!:joy:

Well one thing that sticks out to me is that you used different versions of NLP for the conversions. I would be interested whether you’d still get different results after you update your NLP on the windows computer.

Thank u Kenneth!!

You are so right! The result is the same now on win and mac os.

But the color on the previous version is just so much better :joy:

No worries!

I think it all comes down to personal taste but I think the perfect spot when it comes to white balance would be somewhere in between both conversions. One has a magenta cast and the one you like better at least to me seems a little too green.
But in any case I think you should be able to correct for these things waaaay easier now in v2.2.

Good luck and take care!