Save more presets/settings


I would love to have the possibility to save more than my default settings.
That way it would be possible to keep/change settings for different sort of film or on multiple projects.
And maybe include the “copy to” in the saved setting.

Thank you!


Yes, definitely something I’m planning to add in future version… also planning on making the settings something that is portable - so for instance, if you had a laptop and a desktop, you could load the settings from one install to the other.

+1 Would like to see a simple dropdown - where I could load/save/delete my settings

+1 Saving presets to a dropdown would speed things up immensely! Looking forward to building a list of NLP presets.

+1 yes please multiple presets/setting

Voting for this great idea.

I vote for this too. It would be useful when changing film stock.

Please, it is already 4 years since this request was made, and I am joining with request, as it would be very useful to have presets for different film stocks. Thank you!

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Hi @hop,

You are in luck, and preset/setting management in now included in V3!

You can learn more about that here:

Oh, I am very sorry, I missed email about v3!!! Thank yo very much for these news, awesome!!!