Shareable Text Recipes

I was recently writing a reply to another post on this forum and in order to share what NLP settings I had used I had to take several screenshots of different tabs.

What I am proposing is that there be some way to export a text version of the recipe for your edits (only the parameters changed from default values).

I could imagine this being useful for people sharing info on their workflow on forums or discord servers, or even on instagram or twitter. Instead of many screenshots it could just be the image, and this.

For a simple edit it could look like this (taken from one of my scans):

Negative Lab Pro 3.0.2

ToneProfile: LAB - Standard
Brightness: -3
Contrast: 3
Whites: 2
Blacks: -2

WB: Auto-Mix

HSL: Natural

For a more complex edit, it would of course be longer (I made up this one):

Negative Lab Pro 3.0.2

ToneProfile: LAB - Hard
Exposure: 10
Brightness: -5
Contrast: 7
Lights: -4
Darks: 12
Whites: 2
Blacks: -2

LabFade: 10
Soft Highs: On
WhiteClip: -5

WB: Temp: +42.0 | Tint: -2.0

Highs: R/C: 5 | B/Y: -4 | Range: 7
Mids: G/M: 4 | B/Y: 2

HSL: Lab | Saturation: 6

Sharpen: Scanner

CurvePoints: Manual (10)
ColorMethod: Linear Fixed
ToningMethod: Vintage Toning

In an ideal world, there would be a button in the NLP dialogue to write this to the clipboard, but if this were not possible, then maybe it could be written into the metadata?



How about adding that stuff to a section in the .xmp sidecar file?


This is a good idea… I believe I can just make the “copy” button also copy the settings to your clipboard (in addition to copying them to be applied to other photos). Also, that way you will be able to select which exactly you want to share.

Another option if you want to share your settings, would be to create a new preset of those settings.

The preset will be placed in the following folders:

Mac: / Users / { username} / Library / Application Support / Negative Lab Pro / Presets
Win: C: \ Users \ [username] \ AppData \ Roaming \ Negative Lab Pro \ Presets

You can share this with other users, and then can place the file the same folder as above on their computer, and they will then have access to the settings.

Also, the files are in JSON format, and should be pretty read… here’s an example:

  "fileName": "NLP Color/Kodak-Portra.json",
  "group": "Negative Lab Pro",
  "id": "3685260A-3115-4579-B353-A461C1CE18A7",
  "isMonochrome": false,
  "presetName": "Kodak Portra",
  "settings": {
    "BlackClip": 0,
    "Blacks": -10,
    "BlueYellowHighs": 4,
    "BlueYellowMids": 2,
    "BlueYellowShadows": 0,
    "ClipMethod": "colorProtectedClipping",
    "ColorDensity": "neutralDensity",
    "ColorMethod": "shadowWeighted",
    "CurvePoints": "auto_curve_pts",
    "Darks": -16,
    "GreenMagentaHighs": 0,
    "GreenMagentaMids": 0,
    "GreenMagentaShadows": 0,
    "HighsRange": 5,
    "LUT": "Natural",
    "LabFade": 0,
    "LabGlow": 0,
    "Lights": -11,
    "ProcessOrder": "colorFirst",
    "RedCyanHighs": -1,
    "RedCyanMids": 0,
    "RedCyanShadows": 0,
    "Saturation": 5,
    "ShadowsRange": 10,
    "Sharpening": "none",
    "ToneProfile": "linear",
    "ToningMethod": "standardToning",
    "WhiteClip": 0,
    "Whites": -5