Scanning Trouble Shooting

Hi, I am a new member here, and I hope I can get help from you guys.
I have been using NLP recently, and it works great with 35mm film. However, I am having a problem with digitalising medium format film.

As you can see, I always have the light (or halo) around the corner of my negatives. I have a lens hood on and always use f8.0 f[or shooting. At first, I thought there might be something wrong with the light source, but all of my 35mm film all look fine and don’t have the light around the edges like when I digitalise the 120 film

May I ask if you know what was wrong and thank you so much in advance.

For more information, this is my example of 35mm film, and it looks ok to me, so I am not sure if the trouble is the light source or not.

To me, it looks like a brighter strip (not just the corners) on the left and right edge of the image. This means that the a) negative is not evenly lit or that b) there is some obstruction between the lens and the sensor.

It is hard tell what the reason is by just seeing this one image. Can you post a photo of your setup? This might help finding the source of the effect.

Shoot a blank test shot with the film removed.

  • Put your medium format film in the holder and get it positioned and focused.
  • Remove the film, so the camera sees only the light source. Leave the focus where it was.
  • Using the shutter speed, stop down 2 to 3 stops so it’s not overexposed.
  • Shoot the blank. The histogram should be a narrow column. If it widens out too much it means the light is uneven across the frame.