SF iSRD unavailable with DNG scans

Hello all,

Could anyone help???

I am an Epson v700/Silverfast SE 8.8 user and I have a big question. My SRD and iSRD is disabled with 48-bit HDR RAW scans and I am having a hard time removing dust. So after spending some time on the forum here, I learned that in order to get the best results (least color cast and accurate tones and colors), I am supposed to scan as 48bit or 64bit raw with silverfast and get a dng file. I did a comparison, and it indeed looks better. However, when U choose to scan 48bit HDR raw, iSRD dust removal function is disabled/gone, which is a big headache because i need the dust removed. So I either choose a normal tiff, which is slightly less acurate in color and tones to get the dust removal function, or I sacrifice dust removal function in silverfast for a raw scan for better colors and tones. What should I do? Is there a function in lightroom that uses the infrared layer data/layer from Silverfast to remove dust? Thank you

Nate responded on my facebook post in case anyone else has the same question, " Yes, it is a pain that Silverfast is this way… with Vuescan you can include the dust removal already factored in the RAW output. But Vuescans dust removal is not great. The best dust removal seems to be the native programs (i.e. EpsonScan), so if that is important for you, I would try the EpsonScan workflow on the forum (https://forums.negativelabpro.com/…/scanning-film…/345) - otherwise, the Silverfast RAW output is good, but will spend more time removing dust. "