Silverfast vs EPSON Scan for positive scanning prior to conversion with NLP

Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone could help me decide which yields better results, scanning as a positive with EPSON Scan (using Digital ICE) as a TIFF, or scanning with Silverfast (also as a TIFF) to be able to use iSRD? I am scanning on an EPSON V600 and doing the color conversions later with NLP.


Check out Nate’s comment on this in the guide (use link in the black strip at the top of the page)

Both Vuescan and Silverfast are capable of creating RAW DNG files.
Negative Lab Pro includes unique RAW Profiles made just for these type of files.

RAW DNGs are generally better to use (vs regular tiff files) for a number of reasons.

The hints for TIFF scans are below the sections cited above.

If you have both scanning softwares, I propose that you simply try and see, which workflow and settings provide the results you like best. Nevertheless, It’s a good idea to follow Nate’s best practices for scanning with VueScan and SilverFast :sunglasses:

Why try it yourself? “Better” is a matter of personal taste and requirements.