Slider Control, Tone Toggle, and Stacking Options

Hey dude, awesome job on NLP. It’s really helping me out with converting my grandmother’s old negatives. There are a couple features that I would really like to have that I think would significantly speed up my workflow though:

  1. The ability to hover the mouse over a slider in the edit tab, and have that slider controlled by either the scroll wheel or arrow keys, without having to click first.

  2. The ability to toggle through the tones without having to click the drop-down each time. Or possibly, when the dropdown is selected, go ahead and apply the tone that is being hovered over as a sort of preview, then clicking a tone would lock it in.

  3. When creating a stacked TIFF, it would be nice to have an option to add it to the top of the stack instead of the bottom. Also an option to leave it expanded or collapsed.

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Hi, these are great ideas, but there are some limitations in the Lightroom SDK that I have to live within, and unfortunately, #1 and #2 above both fall into these limitations and are not possible.

#3 is something that could be implemented pretty easily, but just not sure if it is worth complicating the UI to be able to choose stack position?