Slider Separation (UI)

Hi everyone,

Loving v2.3, but I am constantly grabbing the wrong slider due to their even spacing.

I’d propose a little whitespace to group the sliders like this:



This adds visual clarity to the list and makes it easier for me to be lazy and grab haphazardly at the sliders once more. I believe it was a bit like this in v2.2? You could make up the space by moving the Apply/Cancel buttons closer to the Make Copy/Sharpen settings.

A little space between tones and exposure would probably help too.

If you wanted to go further, the Make Copy button really belongs in the same section as Apply, as it only has an effect when apply is pressed. Sharpen could be moved to advanced really.


These are good suggestions. There is some difference currently between the Windows UI and the Mac UI, just driven by (1) differences in Lightroom’s SDK between the two systems and (2) the minimum screen resolution I needed to accommodate.

So what you are suggesting is more in line with how I have the Mac UI:

These are good suggestions. I’m working on re-organizing the UI for v3.0, so I will take this into consideration! Thank you!

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haha that mac interface is much easier on the eye, partly due to the windows OS’ design though!

forgot to mention before, but whiteclip and blackclip seem ripe for turning into sliders - I don’t know if there is a reason why they are just ints in boxes but I am always keyboard up and downing on them until the histogram is just touching. I guess 100 steps is a lot for quite a short slider??