Slider Action is too aggressive

Actually, I don’t like to use sliders at all. I prefer to use the Up and Down arrows on my keyboard to raise and lower the numerical values that are associated with the sliders.

Some fields, especially the RGB sliders for Mids, Highs, and Lows are too agressive. That is, clicking up or down by one number applies too much change. Either the numbers need to be closer together on the scale, or I need some kind of modifier key I can press to apply a smaller amount of adjustment.


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I second this! Most often extreme values on sliders are unused! And there’s not enough resolution around zero point.

As of v2.0, every slider adjustment is quantized to the smallest possible adjustment I can make in Lightroom’s tone curve controls (while still maintaining color stability and predictability).

If you are on a version prior to v2, it is absolutely worth the free upgrade to latest version (v2.1.2 as of writing this).

The granularity of that minimal adjustment will be somewhat dependent on the scan itself. The wider the available histogram to work with in your scan, the more granular the adjustments will be (and the narrower your scanned histogram is, the more intense each point of adjustments will be). The limiting factor is the 256x256 grid that defines the tone curve adjustment points.

So if you find that a single point of adjustment is causing too intense of a change, it is likely that the scan itself is on the narrow side.

This can often be the case if you are trying to work with a linear tiff (which will show up as extremely narrow on the histogram). If you are working with a linear tiff, use the “file > plugin-extras > Tiff prep utility” before converting with Lightroom. You should find that the result allows for much more granular adjustments.

Hope that helps!
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