Edit sliders erratic behaviour v2.1.8

Hi there,

After converting an image I usually move the Edit sliders with the keyboard (often shift+up or down to increase or decrease by 5). In the latest beta something seems to be wrong as for example on the Darks slider I can’t seem to go past 30 with the up key, but the max is 50, which I can reach if I use the mouse instead. Same thing for the Blacks slider. Also the Brightness slider goes to a maximum of 30/-30 when moved with the mouse, but with the keyboard, even if the slider is at the extreme and the position doesn’t change anymore, you can increase or decrease the brightness up to 50/-50.

I’m sure this one is an easy fix for Nate :slight_smile:

My setup:

  • Windows 10
  • Lightroom 9.3
  • NLP 2.1.8


Oops! Thanks for spotting this… the blacks and darks slider will be fixed in next release… on the brightness and contrast sliders, I’ve intended to leave the slider max at -30 to +30, while you can push this up to -50 to +50 using the keyboard or manual input… in 99% of cases the range of -30 to +30 will be enough for brightness and contrast, there have been a few cases where I’ve wanted to push a bit further, which is why I added range using the keyboard.

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No problem, thanks! There’s been a few occasions where I needed to push past +30, to 35 or so, so having that option is very handy.