My sliders are in the opposite direction

Hi I am not sure what I did but I installed the latest NLP on lightroom 9.2.
I also put in the latest Tiff-Frontier-NLP-Beta.
but my sliders are all in opposite direction. When i push exposure to the right, it reads +2.50 but my image is dark.

thank yoU!

Sliders in Lightroom work as you describe - when an inverted tone curve is applied.
Sliders in the Negative Lab Pro plugin should work as expected though…

When converting the image select the create positive TIFF file option if you wish to edit in LR / PS or other editing software. The raw file is still a negative even though it looks like a positive and the sliders work backwards and editing is difficult. The positive TIFF file is a true positive image and easy to edit. You have the option to stack the positive with the original or to have the NLP plug-in create a subfolder. I normally use the subfolder.

thank u everyone! i thought my lightroom was damaged. hahaha