Streaks/Marks on B&W Film

Can someone confirm that the mess in the sky is from the film touching each other during the developing stage or is it something else? Tried googling and have no clue how to describe this. Thanks!!! Ilford Delta 400 developed with Ilford 3 Developer and their fixer.

Looks as if the film had been exposed through foam bubbles. I’d review my develop routine for temperature and movement.

What brand of development tank and takeup spools were you using? I’ve used Paterson gear (many years ago) and had one film that made contact during development. Results looked quite different than what I see on your photo.

I was also wondering that because when I dumped the developer out, it was pretty bubbly. I use paterson as well, both tank and reels. I also started to begin it wasn’t that either because results I’ve seen online it looks like blacks spots, not that. Someone on Reddit mentioned I was agitating it too much? I agitate for 15 seconds every minute, about 8-10 rotations and tap it after every rotation but clearly I’m doing something wrong. Also temperature for Ilford delta 400 is 68 degrees for 7 minutes, which I followed.

Thanks for the response!

How did the developer look when you poured it out after 7 minutes?

Agitation, temps and timing look good. Though you don’t need to tap after every rotation, once after every agitation is good enough (if that’s what you mean, ignore my comment).

– Chris

The developer looked really “soapy” or bubbly which I’ve never really noticed before. But I’ve had this effect happen before quite often but this is the first time I’ve noticed the developer looking really bubbly. Someone on Reddit was saying I might be agitating it too much with too many rotations which makes the developer super bubbly.

Which makes sense because I had two rolls of film in the canister and only the top reel, which this image came from, had this bubble look to it. So I’m assuming I’m agitating it too much creating these bubbles and all the bubbles are sitting on top and affecting the top reel of film.

Are you sure that you are putting enough developer in? I think 10 secs vigorous agitation is too much, you are only doing it in order to introduce fresh developer to the surface of the film, 2 or 3 gentle inversions would be fine. Any agitation that would introduce bubbles is too strong. Are you adding any kind of detergent/wash aid to the tank at the end of the wash? If so maybe there is some remaining.

I’ve honestly never seen developer being soapy as you desribe it. Neither in hand dev nor with rotation development.

May there be an issue with your developer as such?
Which dilution are you using? How do you mix things up?