Trouble focusing on grain

I just started using NLP and so far I love the results I’m getting.

I was wondering if anyone has tips for reliably nailing the focus. I know you’re supposed to try and focus on the film grain but I’m having trouble seeing it. I’m using a Fuji X-Pro 2 which has focus check but only up to 6x (as far as I can tell).

Sometimes I get the focus just right and sometimes it’s a bit off. But I can only tell once I have the image in LR.

My setup:

  • X-Pro 2
  • Canon FD Mount BL S.S.S 50MM F3.5 Macro
  • Gutty lens mount adapter
  • Artograph Lightpad

Update: I’ve started using a magnifying glass to look at my camera’s LCD screen. Crude but it’s kinda helping

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Good idea! My 52 year old eyes deceive me sometimes! I hate going through a whole role only to notice some of them lose their focus. Maybe my lens shifts focus ever so slightly during the process. I try and refocus on each strip but sometimes I guess I don’t nail it.

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The X-Pro 2 has a “focus check” option. Enabling it will magnify the LCD image when manual focus is invoked.

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Ya, that definitely helps. I just wish it would magnify more than 6x