Use software for Proof sheets?

I came across this software from a post on F Stoppers. It looks very compelling!

For me, the potential use would be making proof sheets. My thought is: I could take DSLR images of a sheet of sleeved negatives on a lightbox/ipad. And then use the software to convert to images for the purpose of making selects.

Does this seem like something that would potentially work well with this software?

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Short answer: Yes!

Tried this myself. If that’s what you are looking for, you should give it a try too :wink:


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Try cropping in to just one of the photos, converting, and then uncrop back to the full sheet. This will prevent the analysis from being thrown off by film borders non-film elements in the shot.


Thank you guys!

I was watching a tutorial, and was guessing I would have to do something like you suggested, Nate. (IE crop in for settings, then zoom out for the whole sheet)

Can’t wait to give this a try!

Quick and dirty example with Cinestill 800t:


Looks so good!! I’m super excited about this.

Where is the link to the post on F Stoppers?

Thanks for the link.

The only problem is saving a tif version, since the tiff version will only save the cropped photo, not the whole sheet. Is there a way to save a tif of the whole sheet?