Digital Camera Proof Sheets

I have a large number of negative rolls in clear plastic notebook pages and for speed reasons would like to make proof sheets before scanning any of the 35mm negatives at higher resolution. I’ve followed the instructions from:
Use software for Proof sheets? - Digital Camera Scanning - Film Community at Negative Lab Pro
I photograph the entire page to a RAW file, use the eyedropper to sample the orange background, I crop to a single frame in lightroom classic, convert in NLP (and the frame looks good), copy the setting (and even make a preset from it), unconvert in NLP, reset the crop to the entire image, go back into NLP, convert the image, paste the setting and the image is way brighter than it was when I had converted the single frame. I have not "Apply"ed as the preview seems off. Also, the preset I saved is gone.

What am I doing wrong?

Once you have converted from the one image, you can just un-crop without changing any settings in NLP, the conversion is set.

What might be happening is when you paste the settings back onto the image you don’t have the right profile selected. But either way, there is no need to do that step. Just crop, convert, and un-crop.