V2.3 NLP will not open in lightroom!

I am running Lightroom Classic on windows and when I click on NLP under the plugins tab nothing happens and it doesn’t open. Sometimes when I restart the computer it will work once or twice and then it will stop opening. This has literally only just started being an issue for me tonight.

I have tried deleting the plugin and readding, I have tried redownloading and reinstalling but so far have had no luck. Any ideas?


Hi @iancawood

A few things to try (in order) to figure out what has gone wrong:

  1. Try resetting your Lightroom preferences. After you reset your preferences, you will need to go back into “file > plugin manager” and add back in the “NegativeLabPro.lrplugin” plugin. If there is an issue with metadata or conflict with another plugin, this should clear it out.
  2. Try restarting Lightroom Classic, and importing completely “fresh”, untouched negatives. See if Negative Lab Pro will work properly on those fresh negatives. If that works, there could be a metadata issue with the existing conversions.
  3. If that still doesn’t work, try creating a new catalog in Lightroom, then add fresh negatives, and see if those convert.

Let me know if any of those enable you to open NLP.


Thanks Nate. Option 2 seemed to work. (Didn’t give option 3 a shot).

So if the metadata on my old negatives is the issue how do I fix this? Can I? I really don’t want to loose all the data with my many many rolls put through NLP!

I just tried making a whole new catalog and importing everything over to that. It appears to be working now which is grand! No idea what the issue was, but thought it was good to update if someone else has this issue!


Hi Nate, unfortunately this did not stay working. It’s now not opening again.

Any further suggestions would be much appreciated, it’s very frustrating.



Ah bugger!

Did you try option 1 (reseting your Lightroom preferences) and did that have any effect?

If option 1 didn’t have any effect, would you mind doing the following:

  1. Select a single image (which won’t open in NLP).
  2. Go to “file > export as catalog” . Make sure to check “Export selected photos only” and “Export Negative Files”
  3. Email that to me at nate@natephotographic.com and I will have a look

And very sorry for this frustrating experience! I still haven’t been able to replicate this issue on my end, so it is difficult to diagnose, but maybe the catalog itself will give me some clues.


Yes sorry I should have clarified that I did try option 1 - I just gave it another shot and it hasn’t fixed it.

The issue only happens some of the time. Generally I’ve noticed it starts when I try to edit one particular roll. I use the multiple select and then open NLP feature a lot since it’s been released with V2.3.

So I opened each file in the roll individually in NLP and I believe the error starts as a result of an edited TIF file that I opened in photoshop and then was reimported back into the folder when I closed it. If you open this file individually it gives an error in NLP (as it should - something about the fact it’s not a negative) and then NLP continues to work fine. However it seems if you multiselect photos (with the TIF included) and then try to open it NLP will just not open. And then all subsequent attempts to open the program fail.

I kept having this issue simply because I kept going back to trying to edit this particular roll of film and kept multi-selecting.

What I will do is send you over the TIF file so you can see if you can recreate this error? It may be this is not the actual cause and there is something else wrong at my end… If it does do the same for you potentially then it is a minor bug?

Let me know what you think.

I am also encountering this error. Working on an M1 iMac 2021. Anyone have a remedy?


Are you trying to re-open photos that you had converted with an older version of NLP, and they are not opening? If so, I can email you a beta of v2.3.1 which should address this issue.


No, I have only been using 2.3

Hmm, ok. Have you tried the recommended steps from earlier in the post?

I am having the same problem and i tried all of the things listed and I still don’t know what to do. Anyone have any tips

Ran into this issue on a fresh install of NLP on Windows 10 in Lightroom 6. Like others I’m not sure what the event was that caused the breakage - it was launching just fine until it wasn’t.

@patrickod and @reedserickson

Can you try this?

  1. Make sure you are in the Develop or the Library module of Lightroom (it won’t work in any other module)
  2. Select at least one, freshly imported negative (it won’t open if you have no negatives selected)
  3. Go to “File > Plugin Extras > Negative Lab Pro” and see if it opens (if that works, but the shortcut key does not work, then we just need to fix the shortcut key).


Hey @nate. thanks for the speedy reply! I was away from my Lightroom PC for the last few days but now that I’ve returned it works again exactly as I’d hope! I suspect I was “holding it wrong” somehow, likely by being in the wrong module as you suggest. Thanks again! :raised_hands:

Hi, @nate , I have the same problem when trying to run the plugin in LR Classic 2021 on Windows 10, I’ve recently installed it and it’s not working. Also I have tried the 3 options you gave at the beggining of this topic but it remains not working.

Hi @donnyik

Can you let me know what happens when you try the below steps?

HI, @nate thanks for your answer, unfortunately I’ve already tried that and doesn’t work.
error NLP
When I click on Convert Negatives icon it charges until 50% and then a message box appears.

This is the message:
“ERROR. could not write photo for analysis.
Plugin Folder: C:/Program Files/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/NegativeLapPro.lrplugin
If the problem persists, it may be a folder permissions issue. This can usually be…” and the last part of the message is lost, it doesn’t allows me to scroll down to read about it

Is there a possibility to try with and older version of NLP, I used it a lot in 2020 and never had a problem.

Thanks again, hope this could have a solution soon.

Maybe, this will help: Can't convert negative in Lightroom Classic - #4 by Digitizer


Yes, @Digitizer is correct. Negative Lab Pro will not work currently from within that folder because of folder permission issues with Windows.

You need to:

  1. Close Lightroom
  2. Move the plugin from C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plugin-ins\NegativeLablPro.lrplugin to a folder you create on the root drive, for instance, C:\Plugins
  3. Re-open Lightroom.
  4. Go to File > Plugin Manager
  5. Click “remove” to remove the previous location of Negative Lab Pro, then click “add” and navigate to “C:\Plugins” to add the plugin you just moved to there.


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