Weird 'Squiggles' in digital camera scans


I’m trying to update my film scanning workflow.
Previously I used a V550 but could only really get medium format scans to a quality I liked, so am midway through transitioning to Digital Camera scanning.

I’m still undecided on which camera to buy, so am currently experimenting with using my Fuji X100F, which I was hoping would give me decent results, if not at a lower resolution than the final camera I decide on.

However, I’m getting some odd artefacts when zoomed in. I’m not surprised that the detail is low at this zoom level, but I think the artefacts look like some other processing is going on and I can’t work out where it is and how to stop it.

If anyone has come across this before and can give me any tips that would be much appreciated!

Welcome to the forum @SethCW

Your screen capture shows what looks like the dreaded “worms” that many raw developers produce from images taken with Fuji X-Trans sensors. The worm effect depends on sharpening too, you might therefore try to play with the sharpening and structure sliders to moderate the effect.

If you’re not tied to Fuji yet, you might want to test with cameras with Bayer pattern color filters instead. Get them from Canon, Nikon or Sony, they are the mainstream brands and sorted alphabetically in this case.

It might be ‘worms’ though it would be good to know what RAW processor you are using and this example is extremely pixellated. Maybe you could show a comparison with the result from your V550 scanner? Using an X100F isn’t a particularly good test as that fixed 23mm f2 lens is about as far away from a suitable macro lens that you can get. I use a Fuji X-T2 for film copying and I’ve never found ‘worms’ to be a problem but others may have a different experience. I have come across a Fuji user who preferred to use one of the 24MP Bayer sensor models that they produced (X-A5) but I’ve never done a comparison with something like that or maybe one of the 24MP APS-C Sony A6xxx cameras, I’d quite like to really.

I have seen something like worms in landscapes with distant indistinct detail in trees or crops etc. and I use Iridient X-Transformer if it bothers me, plenty on-line about it, Adobe’s ‘Enhanced Detail’ deals with it I think, or Capture One, early Lightroom is not so good.