What is the best way to retain the grain in the image using Fuji RAF scans?

Hey everyone, this is my first post. I’m wondering if anyone has specific experience with Fuji RAF files, and the best way to avoid the Lightroom Worms without destroying the grain structure in the image. For example, I find Adobe’s “Enhance Details” is using some sort of Machine Learning Algorithm, which seems to be removing the grain structure that the camera is picking up natively. Are most people using X-Transformer? If so, what settings are being used? I don’t want to sharpen the image; I just don’t want Lightroom worms; something a company that posted $10bn in profit last year can’t find money to fix when every other Photo Editing Software company (and literally one guy on his own - X Transformer) have seemed to have figure out. I just wish this software was available to use with Capture One. I hate Adobe products and this is one more reason why.

Hey @lokelghost , I cant believe nobody has replied yet, or rather I can believe as it probably means there is still no solution but to not use sharpening in lightroom. I thought however that Lightroom had solved the worms problem… ?

The Enhance Details function works well for me. I can put sharpening and detail to 100% and the worms don’t appear.

I’ll second this… I did a test a while back between Lightroom’s Enhance Details vs X-Transformer, and the shots using Enhance Details were significantly better than I could get with X-Transformer.

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