What is the current WF for medium format scans?

Hi all,
I have acquired a 6x8 and 6x9 cameras recently. Previously I have used NLP many times with my Nikon D750 and ES2 scanner to digitize 35mm film however I don’t have any experience with digitizing MF yet.

As a negative holder, I have purchased Lomography Digitaliza which is good for the formats i shoot however I am wondering what is the best way to shoot the negatives.
I’m thinking stitching in LR. Does it give The best results or should do HDR as well and merge altogether?

I’ve scanned at various exposures and tested with HDR. I found that NLP is fairly tolerant to exposure and that HDR did not get me better conversions.

I found that colours can shift slightly with exposure and that the results depended on many other factors too, which made predictions difficult. I propose you run your own tests to see what your negatives will deliver.

All my negatives are at least 25 years old and none contains a colour checker/target. I therefore go for results I like, rather than for results that might be correct…

Stitching for higher pixel count makes a difference. I only use it if the original shot is good enough and I want to have it printed really large.