What's your post-NLP procedure

Afternoon all!

Wanted to see if people had any sort of routine/procedure once they are done with NLP. Any plugins, other 3rd party software they run their images through?

I’ve had pretty good success in some tweaking to colour correct with Nik’s Color Efex Pro after seeing this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2P3xt7dGJk

Anyone else have any tips/tricks?

Most of what I do on projects is focused on metadata and organization for long-term archives.

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I make sure that I use ‘Lens Correction’, which helps even more when my film wasn’t completely flat. I also sharpen it up a bit.

I too am curious what others are doing. I just love that you can always go back to ‘raw’ file and re-edit when new info come available.