White balance shifts when adjusting whiteclip parameter

I’m scanning using a Flextight X1 and am really happy in general, but quite often I find the highlights are clipped in the conversion (although the information is present in the scan itself). To rectify this I adjust the whiteclip parameter to something like -2 or -3, very rarely needs more than that. This works fine but each time I adjust that parameter, the white balance of the conversion shifts fairly dramatically, usually between green and magenta. So perhaps it’ll be fine at 0, goes magenta at -1, green at -2 and so on. I then find it difficult to compensate for this shift using the white balance adjustment sliders, so the workflow is quite awkward as a result.

I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong here or if there’s a way to avoid these quite dramatic WB shifts when adjusting clipping?

Are you using v3? There were extreme color temperature shifts with white/black clip using earlier versions, but they’ve been been dramatically reduced in v3.

Thanks for coming back to me Chris. I’m running v3 now but didn’t notice much of an improvement when I upgraded, still seeing wild shifts particularly between green and magenta when adjusting clipping. I don’t really understand the mechanism that results in small adjustments to clipping making the temperature shift so significantly and in such a seemingly random way - it’s perhaps the only frustration I’ve had with NLP since I began using it.