Copy Parameters

Hi Nate,
thank you very much for this helpful little tool! Sometimes I miss one thing - or only miss the point… I’m shooting portraits in a studio setup with several color filters in front of the lights or RGB LEDs. Sometimes there is a clean black or white point in the frame, sometimes not. Now I have a sequence of several frames with the same light setup. But the color balance magic within NLP comes out with different render results because of little changes in framing for example. Now I like one of the results more than the other. - I copy the settings within LR. - Would like to make some little changes back in NLP. - But NLP loads its originaly solutions from the rendering. It would be great, to get the parameters out of the one I liked, to get it in the other one within NLP. - You know what I mean? I’m not sure, if this became clear…
Thank You very much!

This is what the “sync scene” feature is there for.

See this section in the guide, and look at Sync Scene:

Aah great!! OK, I missed that point…

Another short one. Would it be possible to tell NLP, that it should “rely” on the whitebalance from the unexposed frame border. In other words, sometimes I don’t have a clean white point within the frame but I think, NLP tries to find one and changes my colored world into a balanced one. I would like to suppress this color balance but keep the gamma conversion magic…
Thanks again!