Color balance consistency

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Hello, sorry if this has been discussed already, but i couldn’t find any other topics about this. I’ve had some great results from NLP, but I notice shot to shot, sometimes the color is really inconsistent. My setup is a canon 5dsr on a copy stand, using a Kaiser Plano lightpad which is 95 cri. I typically use a noritsu LS600 for my scans, but it currently needs to be serviced so i’ve been scanning everything on the 5dsr.

Everything is shot raw and daylight balanced…should i be setting it to auto white balance instead in camera? In lightroom, i use the eye dropper in the area between the frames and copy/paste the settings. I use the noritsu settings, then the flattest (i forget which one it is) setting. I don’t adjust color on any frames in NLP and do all of that in post.

Anyways, any help appreciated, thank you!

Might this be something that the new ‘Roll analysis’ feature in v3 is addressing?

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I’ve seen such things happening too, though they are mostly easy to correct by altering the whitebalance inside the NLP plug in. Your process is other wise totally fine.

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