Why are mys scans coming out blurry after using NegLabPro?

Here I have two images, the one on the left is using NegLabPro and Epson Scan.
To me, the NegLabPro one looks far more blurry and out of focus in comparison to the right side, which was scanend through Epson Scan but as a negative, rather than put through NegLabPro.
Any tips? It’s really ruining my photos. Thanks!

Hi, how are you scanning the image that you are using with Negative Lab Pro? The sharpness or blurriness in this case will come from the settings you used when you scanned the image… there isn’t anything in Negative Lab Pro that would be making the negative blurry after conversion.

I’m going to guess that in the scan on the right, you selected an “Unsharp Mask” in EpsonScan (which makes it sharper) and in the image on the left, you did not have that selected. Another possibility is that if you scanned these with different carriers inside your scanner, it’s possible that whatever you used for the Negative Lab Pro scan put it out of focus.


I believe it is because of when scanning with Epson scanner and selecting ‘no color correction’, you can’t have unsharp mask turned on. However, it’s simple enough to just add some sharpening in Lightroom and seems to make the photos look much better! Is there a sharpening tool in NegLabPro?

Hi, if you look at method 2 of this post, following this you should be able to include an unsharp mask if you want to look exactly like the Epson conversion. Scanning Film Negatives with Epson Scan and Negative Lab Pro

You could also use the sharpening tools in Lightroom, but the sharpening tools will work differently than an unsharp mask, so it may take a bit of work to find a setting that works just right.