Converting Troubles

Recently, I have been having issues with converting negative scans to positive images using Negative Lab Pro. I have had several images in which I have normally scanned using the Epson Scan 2 and gotten a good negative. Then when using Negative Lab Pro, the image becomes fade or just lighter and cannot be fixed with changing settings. Other times the image becomes completely yellow.


Hey there & welcome!

Do you mind sharing a scanned negative to see the effect in action?
This is usually the most helpful way for others to judge where things might have gone wrong.

– Chris

Here is the scanned negative!

Below, I have attached the scanned negative!

The negative is a JPG file, so less than ideal for NLP to work with. But even using the negative, I get kind-of a good result out of it.


I’ve not done anything to the negative other than converting it straight as is.