Why Not Photoshop?

Something tells me that this is not a new idea. In fact, it seems to be an annual request :slight_smile:

Functionally, NLP ‘feels’ to me like ‘Camera Raw’ in relation to Photoshop. In fact, I wish that it could fit into my workflow in just the same way.

I used to use LR, and I gave it up for PS at the instigation of some professional friends of mine. (Professional photographers, not professional friends.) They taught me how to use levels and curves to do some basic editing that I find very hard to reproduce in LR / NLP. I also can never seem to get LR to straighten anywhere near as easily as with the PS straighten tool, and, sometimes, I do use masks and layers.

In my 6 or so hours of initial NLP usage (FWIW), I found myself resorting to Edit In Photoshop for most of the images. Either I needed to clean up some dirt with the healing brush, or I had an exposure situation that I could easily fix in Curves but which was very hard to reach with the NLP sliders.

Given the batch mode of operation you have, I’d be overjoyed if you had a command-line that I could point at a directory of DNGs and get back in return new DNGs with the NLP conversion performed with a specified set of options for white balance and LUT. I could then go from there in PS.