Using Adobe ACR after NLP conversion

I use LR only for the catalog and DAM features. Of course now I use it for digital negative conversion because of DLP. However, I use Adobe ACR/Photoshop for everything else, including final jpeg output and all printing. I use Photoshop Actions heavily for this.

What I want to know is whether I can use ACR/Photoshop after I’m finished with the NLP conversion. Will the converted negative load in ACR and into Photoshop with all the correct settings intact? I ask because I thought I noticed some differences with a couple of images I tried. Maybe that was because I opened an image that I had converted using NLP 2.1 but now I have NLP 2.2 installed?


You should be able to open up the RAW files in ACR with the NLP edits all there… just make sure that you select the RAW files in LR and go to "PHOTO > Save Metadata to File" - this will ensure when you open in up in ACR, it is applying the metadata. You will also want to make sure that the colorspace you have set in ACR is ProPhoto - if its not that could create some inconsistencies.

However, if you are just using ACR to load the conversion from NLP/Lightroom, then you would do just as well to “Right-click > Edit > Edit in Photoshop” - that should save you the ACR step into Photoshop.


Thanks for that confirmation Nate. The issue I’m having, I think I’m figuring out, is that the images I’m dealing with right now were converted using v2.1. For some reason, the changes I’m making in LR using NLP v2.2 are showing up there but they are not showing up in ACR. And yes, I have LR set up to save to the .xmp file. It seems I have to completely unconvert the file in LR and reprocess. The changes then seem carry over into ACR. Odd.

I also should have added in my original post that I use batch mode in ACR to process my files in Photoshop. I’ll have a folder of images. I then highlight many of them and choose batch mode, that then runs one of my Photoshop actions that does sharpening, noise reduction, output sharpening, and then save to jpeg. So opening from LR is not an option for me.