Why "Use Graphics Processor" Off?

I’ve tried using the plugin in Lightroom with the setting “Use Graphics Processor” both enabled and disabled. In the guide it says to disable it. For me it seems to work fine either way. What’s the reason for the guide telling us to disable it exactly?

If you have the latest version of Lightroom Classic, you can enable the graphics card acceleration. The reason you couldn’t do this previously was because of a bug in Lightroom that caused some issues when the graphics acceleration was enabled and you were changing an image via a plugin.

Hey, I’m a fresh owner and user of NLP and trying to figure out the right workflow for my needs. I see that we can now activate the GPU acceleration (great, because LR was unusable without it, everything was lagging like crazy). However I’m now having an issue with the WB color picker inside NLP since it says I need to turn off the GPU acceleration of LR for it to work. When I try to pick the colors with GPU off nothing happens (it does work when GPU is off though). Is a fix for this possible?

It seems that with Lightroom rel 10.0 (windows) the WB color picker doesn’t work even if GPU accel is off… this is what happens on my two workstations (one with RTX2060 and another with RX590).