3D-print to convert Raleno PLV-S104 to lightbox for scanning

While I’m waiting for the rest of my digital camera scanning gear to come in (my copy stand has been stuck in customs hell for some unknown reason) I modeled a 3D print for the Raleno PLV-S104 that lets you more easily use it as a lightbox for digital camera scanning.

The Raleno 104 video light has nice specs for use as a scanning light source (CRI > 95, 5600K temp, built-in diffuser, bright output) but it’s made for tripod mounting and has 2 control knobs sticking out the back that prevent it from lying flat. My print is a lightbox that features cutouts for these controls and ports, so it can rest on your copy stand without needing to shim the light with anything.

I’ve also added a holder for the Valoi film carriers, to mask off the light from the Raleno that is not covered by the carrier. There’s also a blank version of the holder that can be modified to adjust the cutout to fit other brands of film carrier, as I imagine a lot of people aren’t using Valoi.

I figured this might be interesting to more people here, so I put my model up on Thingiverse where everyone can download it. The lightbox is a bit big - 18.4cm wide - but should print on most common sized printers. If you do print it, I would love to hear feedback or suggestions, as this is one of my first design projects in Fusion 360. Get the files here:

Important to note: I actually haven’t been able to extensively test my model yet - like I said, my copy stand is stuck somewhere - but my first freehand attempts were very positive.

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I saw this on Thingiverse and I also had the raleno light! Printed it on my Prusa and everything fit great! I don’t have the light leakage for the top panel and I printed it at 20% infill, I just used darker PLA. I have the Valoi holder coming soon (just the MF version, no mask or the turning mechanism) And it’s very budget orientated until I save up enough money to get the rest of the Valoi accessories. Thank you for designing this!!

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