Add 2D color wheel

Hi, is it possible to add 2D color wheel to the current color balance sliders (mids, highs, shadows) like in Silverfast?
It’s much more intuitive and convenient, as with single mouse drag and drop you obtain 2 simultaneous degrees of freedom, you can change tint and strength, so you can e.g. add more orange to scene by dragging the point on the colorwheel in the direction of 5 o-clock, between red and yellow and editing the correction strength at the same time via distance of your new point from the center of colorwheel.
With current NLP sliders it’s inconvenient, you have to drag one slider to yellow a bit, then go to another slider and add red a bit, going back and forth several times to achieve good balance.

Or does LR SDK not allow custom user controls and you have just standard sliders etc?


There are limitations in Lightroom SDK that would prevent a 2d color wheel, but I built the “hue/strength” slider in the film color tab to do essentially the same thing.


The “Hue” slider is like going around on the color wheel. The number represents the degree of the hue on the color wheel (with red at 0°, cyan at 180°, etc). This gives control down to a single degree of correction, which is significantly more nuanced than the control you can get via the rgb/cmy sliders.

The “strength” slider is like editing the distance point from the center of the wheel. So you can keep the same corrective hue and just change the intensity of correction (unlike with the rgb/cmy sliders, where you would need to change multiple sliders to adjust the intensity but keep the same corrective hue).

Another cool thing with the strength slider is you can give it a negative value. This will subtract the hue from the color balance. Sometimes I find this is a more intuitive way of thinking about correcting an image… for instance, if an image has a magenta tint, I can just subtract magenta.

Hope that helps!

Creator of Negative Lab Pro

Hi Nate, thanks for your reply! Yes, I saw that setting and yes, it is close, but with one diff: am I right that it affects all of mids, highs and shadows uniformly? What would be cool to add is the same two controls but touching only highs or only mids or only shadows, in addition to the common one. Silverfast has it and I find it useful often.