Additional Metadata options for better compatability with services like Google Photos

There’s a specific problem I’m facing, and I can’t be the only one. When I export NLP photos in Lightroom, I use the new Metadata fields to change the capture date to the day I took the photos. This exports every photo as if it were taken at exactly 12AM on that day.

My main tool for photo organization is Google Photos. Google Photos doesn’t have any options to sort an album’s images by filename - it always sorts by the date found in the metadata. But when every photo has identical date metadata, it doesn’t sort the photos at all - the album is completely shuffled and random. This means a constant part of my export process involves manually rearranging the album to the order the photos were shot in. I have heard similar stories about other cloud photo software, so I don’ t think it’s an exclusive problem to Google Photos.

My suggestion is to add an option at export to give each photo a unique metadata time, like sequentially in seconds or minutes. The first photo of the roll would be 12:00:01, the second 12:00:02, and so on. If my understanding of Google Photos is correct, this would allow it to sort by metadata time more accurately by essentially “numbering” the photos with time metadata.

If anyone else can speak to this issue or provide alternate theories/solutions, I would greatly appreciate it!