Anyone Encounters Teal Sky's?

I noticed that with a lot of my DSLR scans I get very teal sky’s. Anyone else encountered this?

Shot with Ektar

A couple of tips:

  1. You may get more true to life blues using the “standard” color model.
  2. You may also find the colors to be most neutral when you are using a “linear” or “linear + gamma” tone setting and sticking to just adjusting brightness…
  3. You may also find it helps to go into the HSL panel in Lightroom (after conversion) and remove some saturation on the orange slider…

Separately, I’m working on making some improvements to the underlying tone profiles and adding some “finishing” LUTs to give users more control over this.

Creator of Negative Lab Pro

Thanks Nate! Love the plugin btw, it’s god send!

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