Are quotation marks prohibited when exporting from Lightroom?

I recently Exported a folder of images back into the Lightroom catalog. Twice I got an error: " Oops! Something went wrong… and in both cases the Lightroom Comments I had used to describe the photos included quotation marks. I am thinking the quotation marks might have caused the error?

In both cases, the images were successfully exported, but the contents of the Comments fields were not complete. The broken Comments contained the first part of the quoted text, but nothing after that.

NLP v.2.3, Lightroom Classic v.11.0, MacOS v.11.6.1

Cannot reproduce your issue here (with the same software levels as yours) on my iMac.

Which field is it you edit (best attach a screenshot that includes some kind of context) and which quotation mark character is your primary suspect?

I tried ", ’ and `, in the “User comment” field right above the GPS field in “EXIF” metadata settings.