As a result of the Epson v850 scan, the pixels form stripes


I use Silverfast Ai Studio 9, which I scanned at 300ppi and 4800dpi. you can see the images that captured the problem area in the link above. In the first image, it looks like a stripe when the contrast of the boundary is strong. In the second image, it looks like a stripe at the boundary because the pixels form a regular pattern as a whole.

Is this problem unavoidable or can it be solved? It is identified when magnified by 300%.

Thank you.

Hard to tell what kind of bug it is, when all we see is the bug’s foot viewed at 300%.

Can you share the original scanned files?

What happens if you scan with the film turned by 90 degrees? Do the stripes follow the turn or don’t they move? If they follow, the stripes are in the negative (hard to believe), if the don’t, they might be due to the scanning. Sharing the original scanned files might help to narrow the room for guessing.

I would say that it was a story that started to ‘begin to be noticeable’ from 300%. The image that was captured before is the result of enlarging to over 1000%.

Now I’ve replaced the original image with a magnified image at 1000%, and I’ve magnified her eye at 1000%.

Thank you.