Best Approach to Contact Sheets

I’m tackling scanning a box full of various 35mm negatives from over 5 decades of family tree collection.

I will be using a light table (Kaiser) and Fuji Xpro 1 with macro lens.
My setup is working perfectly for the actual slide by slide capturing and converting.

But, are there any smart and clever ways of organising workflow around the contact sheets vs single frames.

Currently, I’m shooting all the contact sheets, to get a sense of what’s there.
Then I’m going to switch to macro lens and shoot all the singles from each contact sheets.
I link the metadata in Lightroom, so the contacts and singles stay connected.

If anyone has a good way of doing this, or has seen video elsewhere of how to, please give me a steer.

Much appreciated,



It’s super easy to do in Negative Lab Pro…

  1. White balance on the film border (if camera scan)
  2. Crop in to just one image (ideally of a scene with neutral light and good tonal range, but any will do ok)
  3. Open up Negative Lab Pro. Convert and edit to taste.
  4. Apply your adjustments, and then un-crop back out to get the full contact sheet!

Example of contact sheet using this method…


Thank you for this input.
Works a treat.