Best Workflow for Phase One Digitising

I’m currently using my Sony A7R3 and Sony 90mm to digitise my negs, but I’m thinking of selling this set up as I never actually shoot with it anymore. This would leave me with my Phase One IQ160 and 120mm Macro lens to digitise negatives with.

Is anyone else here digitising with Phase One gear?

What’s the best workflow? Tether into Capture One and import the raw IIQ files into Lightroom? Or Tether into Capture One, export as TIF files and import the TIFs into Lightroom?



Welcome to the forum, @LetterBeacon

Phase One gear is not exactly what I’d call everyone’s and doubt that you’ll find a lot of experience in this special field here, but I’ll be happy to be proven wrong.

Given the circumstances, I’d propose that you try both ways and see what works best in your situation - and let us know what you found. Other than that, you’ll find a lot of resources about setup and lighting in the forum, the guide and other info in the web like here and here etc.