Better zooming with NLP in LR

Hi everyone

completely new in film, NLP and this forum and I would like to add something that I could not find here yet.

When you use the zoom button (’+’ next to the sharpen option) in nlp, the program will randomly zoom in on the photo, not necessarily the part you would like to see up close. It is not possible to determine your zoom from LR more precisely when NLP is open. However, if you zoom in (so before you start NLP) on the part that you find important in LR, and then only open nlp, you can simply zoom back out with the zoom button (’+’) and zoom back in on that same part of the photo.

This may be a fact that was already widely circulated, but I had already searched much of the forum without finding anything.


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Cool, I wasn’t aware of this and it is very helpful. Thanks!