Black and White Conversions - Color vs. Black and White Treatment

I’m running NLP 2.4 on files from my Nikon Z7. I’m seeing some strange behavior from the engine. When I batch convert files with the Color Model set to B+W, I end up with files with the profile set to ‘Adobe Color’ and the treatment set to ‘Color’. However, after converting the batch, if I choose a single image, unconvert it, and then convert it again, I end up with a profile of ‘Negative Lab v2.3 B&W’ and a treatment of ‘Black & White’.

The images with the black and white profile and treatment are much easier to edit, and they look better.

What is causing this discrepancy in how black and white conversions are handled?

You may want to update NLP to version 2.4.2, as this eliminates some bugs with batch conversions. Maybe it fixes all issues you’re having.