NLP 2.1.2: Black&White from Color Negatives

I set NLP to convert a (difficult) colour negative as black&white.

I now find that, although Lightroom says that the image is b&w, it is not. Is this intended?

The downside of this is, that due to profile and treatment settings, I cannot make the image monochromatic unless I export it as jpeg or tiff.

You must have a color balance setting on inside Negative Lab Pro. Open up NLP on that image, and go through all the color tabs, and make sure everything is zeroed out (or you can hit the “reset” text beside “save” and “load”).

It currently isn’t set up to have a different default for black and white vs color images, so if you have a default settings that includes some color adjustment, that will carry over into the black and white image. Make sense?


Just checked and found that “film” was set to “Kodak”. Setting “film” to “None” removed the colour shifts. Thanks for the hint.

For convenience’s sake, it would be nice to reset colour shifting selections when B/W is selected before conversion. Alternatively - and if possible - it would be nice to decide for B/W only on the second tab. This would fit my needs perfectly: Colour negatives that will not give good colours (low light / misexposed / aged…) will usually still produce nice B/W images and with a B/W switch on the second tab, the decision could be made at the last moment…